Sector: Textiles - Section: production of technical and industrial fabrics

Technofabric SpaCustomer company requirement

Technofabric is the world's leading manufacturer of fabrics for technical and industrial uses. Today this company is the reference for innovative and customized solutions in the field of engineered fabrics and the creation of technical fabrics for industrial applications. The Costigliole Saluzzo plants (weaving, R&D and services) and Piasco (specific finishing and surface treatments) are equipped with the most modern equipment and control systems.

The main needs expressed, and verified by Albasystem, were:

  • reduction of energy costs.
  • Restructuring of the air conditioning system inside the production process including hot air, cold air and humidity control.
  • Realization of an intervention that does not have an impact on business management, currently flexible and efficient.
  • Search for an innovative and grren energy system, which could cover a major share of the energy needs of production.
  • Development of a flòexible system to manage production discontinuities in an automatic and intelliget way.