System evolution and awards

AwardsNot only the integration of renewable energy plants, but also and above all the definition of a system capable, on its own, of optimizing both energy and personnel costs and generating, therefore self-producing, energy for the self-consumption of the company, also breaking down the critical issues productions related to the risks of energy continuity.

Thanks to ASPEC it is thus possible, for the first time, to produce energy optimizing costs and managing the consumption in full, in an automated way.

Hot air, cold air, hot water, cold water, compressed air, diathermic oil, superheated water, steam, electricity, until yesterday managed by individual plants, each one for its own sake, are now programmed and generated in real time by the first system intelligent designed to optimize operations and performance based on the invidual needs of the plants.

Albasystem, for the development and application of this new system, has been awarded by Legamebiente with the Aspec Award for Technological Innovation 2014 and by Veissmann in 2015 as the best "System for energy efficiency with hybrid systems and energy and fuel storage".

Aspec is today the first major technological frontier fo industrial energy innovation 4.0 that can support innovative companies in their growth and expansion.