The added value of the system

Software ASPECRenewable energy or cogeneration systems for optimization and energy saving have been for years the only possible solution for achieving a first goal in terms of reducing consumption and therefore energy supply costs for companies. Yet, in order to remain competitive in a globalized world, today there is again a strong need to further reduce spending that increasingly affects the overall value of industrial production. Expenditure that requires as innovative solution, is integrating the systems present in a single intelligent system that automatically self-manages, both on the specific energy needs of the individual company, and on the basis of information acquired in real time from its production processes, with a dynamic self-learning over time for increasing efficiency.

Relying on Aspecindustry means:

  • Optimal integration of non-programmable renewable sources with programmable ones.
  • Reduction of real consumption from 30% to 60%.
  • Electrical self-sufficiency and continuity of all or part of the production plant, protection of micro, mini and large interruptions, total protection from power outages.
  • Dimensionability tailored to powers above 150 kW.
  • Production and management of electric energy for the production process, hot/cold water, steam oil, superheated water, hot air up to 200° for the process and air conditioning of the environment, compressed air.
  • Reduction of personnel costs for the control and management of energy and related machinery, as everything is managed automatically and efficiently by artificial intelligence.
  • Optimization of heat dissipation and sale of electricity in the network guaranteeing the recognition of CAR white certificates and SEU qualification with reduction of general charges.
  • Creating the optimal working environment for new industry machinery 4.0

Advantages economic, strategic, environmental