Sector: Food . Sub-sector: production of cured meats

Salumificio San Carlo SpaCustomer company requirement

Faced with the expansion of its production plant, the company has requested the intervention of Albasystem to carry out the renovation of the thermal power plant and define a system capable of rationalizing the costs related to the consumption of electricity, hot water and steam, to internal of its production cycle.

The management of the maturation processing processes is now automatic and efficient with a very simple graphical user inteface where it is possible to acquire a lot of data, previously impossible, even of the costs of the individual processes and productions.

The main needs expressed and verified by Albasystem were:

  • nedd to reduce energy costs.
  • Elimination of expensive steam processes and use of hot water.
  • Execution of a new thermal power plant.
  • Transitional period with boilers in external containers.
  • Need to have the energy costs in every single process.